When your son or daughter joins 65 Squadron, their life will change. They will be mixing with an extraordinary group of highly motivated young people, and they will begin to take part in activities that their friends outside cadets will find hard to believe. A truly rewarding experience...

All the staff on squadron are volunteers, we all give our time freely. We are very proud of the squadron and of the cadets who we see pass through on their way to adult life. We take our role as trainers, mentors and role models very seriously. Above all else though, our primary responsibility is for your childs safety and welfare while in our care.

All ATC Squadrons and units are operated within a strict set of regulations, defined by the RAF and managed by a chain of command that goes right to the top. All plans for activities are scrutinized by our Wing and Regional bodies, and cannot take place without their approval. All our plans must include a properly considered risk assessment, and provide the required levels of staff supervision and experience, depending on the type of activity, number of cadets taking part etc. If something does go wrong we have a number of first aid qualified staff on hand, and we are all trained in the correct emergency procedures.

The integrity of our staff is vital, and our backgrounds are thoroughly checked before any of us are allowed to supervise, or even be left alone with cadets. All staff are subject to security and criminal records bureaux vetting on joining and thereafter every four years. All staff are continually monitored and guided by their superiors. In addition there are compulsory training courses that focus on health and safety and the care of youth. The regulations also forbid any adult staff to be alone with any cadet, at any time, regardless of experience.

Cadets ages cover a broad range, 12 to 20, and the chance of nothing ever happening between girls and boys in this age range is nil. Relationships between staff and cadets, regardless of legal age are forbidden, as is any illegal relationship between cadets. Cadets who do have, legal, relationships are expected to keep their private lives private. There are strict disciplinary procedures that start with immediate suspension where there is any suspicion that the regulations have been broken. Cadets who wish to stay on past age 18 are DBS checked and must attend the same training courses that new members of adult staff do. They are then treated as adult staff.

As a further safeguard there is also the civilian committee which is responsible for raising funds and cadets welfare, and is a bit like your school's PTA. We encourage all parents to join.

We hope that these policies and procedures demonstrate the professionalism of our organisation, and commitment to the highest possible standards If you have any further questions please contact the squadron.